Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 2 at the MTC

 The reason I only talked about the sisters is because my whole district is sisters! ITS SOOOO CRAZY!!!(I had asked him about that - in some of my letters....) I love the Dear elders you send to me they make my day a little better! I have begun to read  Thai script!!!! It is so cool to look at those characters and see letters not but not squiggles it is soooo cool. THE CHOC LATE MILK HERE IS DELICIOUS!! I have had at least a gallon of it! I go to the temple once a week on my pday, and yes they still have celestial service its sooo much fun! I usually just sit in a class room for eight hours which is kinda not fun but I guess its what you  do! The days have started to get nice here so we usually sit outside and study,study, study and more study. I have to be here a couple more weeks before I can be a new missionary greeter. It looks super fun!! Yesterday Russel M. Nelson came and gave a devotional it was way cool!!!!!!It is a blessing to be here! No I'm not overeating the food here is gross! (well, cafeteria food that is gross....what a surprise!)  My companions will not be leaving before me. BTW we broke the record of learning how t o read in Thai it is super cool! . My teachers are all Returned Missionaries and are super funny. It is awesome my tripanionship has a whole room to ourselves! Sundays I just don' t go to class, but have meetings almost the whole time !I love you all very much!!!! The days are speeding up here its crazy! !Love Elder Aaron Todd Slugworth Proctor

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