Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Exciting Week!

Here is Aaron's letter:

That is super cool that Brian got his arrow of light, now he can start on his eagle right away! My daily schedule is wake up at six thirty, take a shower, work out then at seven thirty eat breakfast. Then I go and sit in class till twelve twenty, then I have lunch till one, then I go and sit in class till five twenty, then have dinner till six, then I......guess what! sit in a classroom till nine thirty! then I go back to the room and talk with the other district. Then I go to bed at ten thirty and start all over! Usaully <- spelled wrong , I have fifty minutes of gym before lunch. That's my whole day in a nutshell! Sooooo much fun. Yeah... On another note I am THE ZOOOONNNNEEE LLLLEEEEAAADDDEERRRRR!!! thats right after being here for three weeks, I am leader of eighteen whole people!  Its all good though.  Yep thats a moon! I am starting to go crazy here and I feel that the days are becoming one.. It's very ridiculous I have aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa llllllllloooootttttt of things to do. My English is starting to slip into Thai. We have two devotionals a week, one on Sundays and one on Tuesdays, they help the missionaries not go super crazy here. I like how they keep us on our toes here, it is a lot of fun! This church is true. I have felt in its goodness and wholesomeness. I am truly blessed to be here!  I miss you all very much!!!
The General Authority Talks help me feel close to the spirit. With one of lesson we taught to one of our investigators, I did not feel the spirit I felt like we were just being machines and not trying to help him understand the things we talked about.
Eldee Progtor Signing off!

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