Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One month!


I am doing just fine! Its super crazy here we are preparing for 49+ missionaries to join our zone in two weeks! It is way crazy! It is a super fun thing to be a zone leader the zone has named me Mufassa! I know, right!! My responsibilities are that I just need to be responsive to the spirit and that I need to watch over the zone. The other classes we have are about feeling the spirit and what not! It’s pretty fun. We have gotten one of our investigators to be baptized it is PRETTY ROCKING!!!! I am reading Thai script and that I am starting to be able to understand a fair amount of the words! The language is moving in leaps and bounds! It is way fun to be here and just serve! I Love all the people in my zone I will try my best to have a picture of our whole zone before all the newbies come in. I promise that when I email in Thailand they will be much more detailed because here at the MTC not much is going on. It sad I know! We have a lot of devotionals; they are always so spiritually uplifting!
Apparently in choir on the twenty fourth of June we will be singing at the Marriott center for something and I quote " Historic" May Ruu! That means I don’t know. I lobe you so much! (That’s how the Thai people say it because they can enunciate v).

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