Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Going Forward in Faith!

Well this week has come and gone, it is way crazy how much the weeks fly by!My week has been hectic! just trying to get back up on our feet and bring people unto Christ! We have struggled a lot the past week but you know what through trails we are polished and refined and become a better person in the long run ENGLISH HARD! I am still giving you all the Stink eye!! (about our trip....) But whatever!! I hope you have a wonderful time in the land of the Swiss!  
Thank you for fasting for us it really means a lot!! I myself am doing great!! The work though is tough. There are aprox. 380+ members in Khon kaen, and we are only getting about 12%  of those people! We have a lot of work to do here! Yeah we are focused on reactivation because baptisms are great, but what is the point of putting fresh blood into the body if a limb is missing?First fix the damaged limb all the while putting fresh new blood in ! That is what we are focused on. I guess it is to bring people back to Christ, but all the while bring people unto Christ and the waters of baptism!   

Don't worry I will pray, but you my dear mother must act in faith! (well my anxieties and such,,,,,,)I love you so much!!! I recommend you visit Hamburg Opi!  I pray for you always. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!! (which means no street clothes, only Sunday best for the time you are there!! ;D) My testimony has grown by watching people in the branch start believing in us more!

 Dad when I get back we will hunt for that kinda of car to rebuild it and make it awesome! Oh come on! Old cars breaking down, that is the best part. It gives the car spirit and quirk! I have actually finished training early(missionary training). So yeah I am ready to train people!!! It's awesome!!~ haha Elcamino taxi would have been a sight to see! It would probably suck to be in it though!!   I usually eat the fish that looks like it has been burned and then covered  with salt. It's ok just salty and weird eating a fish with your hands!! ) Make sure to make the neighbors go wow!!! (Halloween lights on the house...) I love you so much and you are super awesome I love ya!
Elder Proctor

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