Monday, September 2, 2013

ความกตัญญู Gratitude

Today I am thankful for wonderful members in Thailand who are blessing our missionary and us. Thanks to them I have pictures of our missionary. I also am thankful for e-mails that allow Elder Proctor to get mail in a quick manner. Speaking of which, I am also grateful for family and friends who stepped up to the plate and wrote Elder Proctor this week! Thank you! I also have gratitude for knowing that he had a much better week and that he once again sounds great. He has been on his mission for 4 months now-which equals 1/6 of his mission. As I pointed this out to him, he told me that it was going by way too fast- thanks to a quick email that was sent while he was writing us. So here it is....

Dear mother, I have noticed a explosion of E mails in my mail box hmmmmmmI wonder..... It was a very fruitful week but it was a hard week.Nonetheless, we got a lot of work done .I will give a rundown of the past week.......
Mon. It was a stressful P-day. We gave a blessing to someone's mom as I mentioned last week. Then we went home and just relaxed.  Then we were called by one of our investigators and he took us to eat Cay Food which is Vegan food it was gross! but i mustered my Iron Stomach and ate it as fast as i possibly could! Then we went and had a spiritual moment of ultimate proportion with a recent convert. It was way awesome.
Tues. We had a way spiritual District meeting and then we hit a wall....  Nothing happened. We prayed like every fifteen minutes for guidance, but zip. It was just a test of faith and diligence!
Wed.went and found where one of our investigators lives and taught her an AWESOME LESSON. Then to reward ourselves we went and ate at Swensons, a amazing ice cream place.
Thurs. The APs came and we went on a switch off and I learned how to become more bold in my inviting
Fri.  We had another switch off with two elders for for five hours. In those five hours we go two numbers,  taught 3 others lessons and then had an appointment with a less active member, who is now going to come to church.
Sat. Traveling to the district conference
Sun. District conference! The conference we had was way awesome!! We had 24 Melchizedek priesthood brethern ordained.  It was way sweet!!! Elder Wuu and Elder Gong were there. They are pretty sure we will have a stake soon!! It is way exciting!
A little side note here..... There are several districts in Thailand, but only one stake. The hope of the members is to eventually get a temple. In order for that to happen more members need to be active- so a temple can have people serving in it. At the moment they belong to the Hong Kong Temple district. The only way to get there is via plane. This is often near to impossible for the members. They were first promised a temple by Pres. Hinckley when he visited in 2000. This year Elder Andersen, one of the apostles, reiterated Pres. Hinckley's promise. One of the missionaries felt that it was not an if but a when they would have a temple. Wouldn't that be great!

Thailand has many different dialects and stuff! where I live is called the Issan (which means south) Yeah it is like I live in the deep south  of America! :-) 
So basically this week was pretty good! It's a tough thing..... that is why it is called a Mission...

He seems so much happier this week. His companion said in his letter home that both he and Aaron were taught by the other missionaries and that it was very helpful. I think they are both great kids with a zest for life and a love for the people. 

It seems that many of the people of their ward drove down to the conference together. I am assuming that the missionaries stayed with other Elder in the city of the conference. And it looks like Aaron found Doritos.... I had to laugh at the reaction of one of the members about Doritos....kinda reminded me of my reaction to rootbeer..... 

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  1. Soooooo...I totally misunderstood...the member loves Doritos...well..there were plenty of things I never did flat root beer...that is how I got my first taste. :-)