Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Unexpected Transfer....... ลาก่อน Kohn Kaen

We received some unexpected news from Thailand today. Elder Proctor has been transferred. It all happened from one day to another. I received a rather sweet message from one of my friends there via Facebook. She said:' I got a message from Elder Proctor that he'll move to other ward ward today. Don't have time to see him and say thank you and good-bye because because I am working the night shift.:-( But I just want you to know that he's a good, lovely, funny and awesome missionary." Mayura

We of course won't hear from Aaron until Monday, until then we have to be patient and wait to hear where he is serving now. Regular transfers are not until Mid- October, so it came as a surprise to the people of Kohn Kaen as well as us. As a mom, I have been extremely blessed by the members of his ward in Kohn Kaen. I feel like I have met some amazing people thanks to him that have enriched my life so very much.

SO, with some sadness we say good-bye to the people of Kohn Kaen and we know that the day will come when we will meet them in person!

Here is the mail that he sent this week.......
 This was a kinda disheartining week, because we had planned to have a baptisim this past Saturday, well it did not happen.... Elder Susi had a moment of revelation a prompting, I had felt this thought cross my mind before..... but, he called the guy up one day before his interview and asked him if he had more women on the side..... and the guy kinda did a hearty laugh and said that he has three wives!!! ( the funny bone in my head wants to tell him....did you tell the guy we are not that kind of church anymore...)Uhmm so yeah we kinda had a little freakout and called the zone leaders and told them to not come to Khon Kaen to interview him. yeah... After that we received a call from the Branch President asking why he was not getting baptized.... yeah it was tough to tell him that. Then after that we kinda went to bed super bummed out and we woke up to a whole week of rain. Today is the first day that I have seen the sun! 
It was a tough week but just through being diligent we have been able to get three new investigators with all three having a date! I challenge you to be nice mother HOHO! I love you super much! It was a tough week, If anyone i know in the states falls away i will come to their house and bring them back to church! So last week you asked if any missionaries are in Phuket only the APs go there once a transfer because we actually have a unit there with investigators there! A unit is where the area has 6 Melchizedek priesthood holders. So maybe we will send missionaries there some time! 
We are in need of prayers for new stakes we are so close!!(More stakes means a better chance for a temple)The work still moves on. We are hopefully getting two more elders here soon! !  Elder Susi is a way fun companion. He has a lot of wisdom for me to learn from! He keeps me on my toes!!  Sounds like Thailand right now.(Todd mentioned all the rain we have been having) It rains all day long it is a nuisance!! Satan wants us to stay in the house and not work, it's crazy!! But we go out on the pouring rain looking for the peolpe with a broken smile, and ask  them if we can stay a while and they say ... we will learn!! 

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