Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Operation DinoThunder.....

So the past week I have ridden through a flood! The water was pouring over my feet while I was riding my bike!! It was way crazy! The Man with no body does not want us to find this LA! (They have been looking for a less active member for awhile). We do English class every Tuesday without fail; unless no one shows then we kinda are at a loss! It's ok I guess people in Thailand expect you to give them the answers! Any suggestions to get the class more pumped up and excited?

Our Investigators are good they just do not care to meet with us when we set up appointments and whatever, but they want to meet when we are not open. It's way tough to deal with! We at the moment have two daters who are going strong at the moment!  Right now we have a plan to bring less active members back and it is called "Operation DinoThunder" (For those that don't know it s a Power Rangers thing!) Ahww yeah! Mom "script" is the the easy part. It is thinking in Thai that is the Hard part! (I had told him that I had learned how to count to 10 in Thai and had also told him that I would never be able to read the script)Yes, we use military time!

Not much happened this week. except it rained on us almost the whole week. (My Thai Facebook friends had complained about the excessive rain as well.) We were looking for less active members  the whole time. Finally, then we gave  a way great lesson to a less active member and he will be coming back!  Of course Raquel would wear the Tie! That is tooo good!!! Sweet! (Raquel wore the tie that boys have been wearing at her farewell. She did it in such a fashionable manner. I loved it).
Yeehaw! They sell Doritos,  Cheetos... the works here! The Doritos I was eating were Extra Barbecue chips.They were spicy and delicious!!! (This was in response to our asking him if he was eating Doritos in the pictures we posted last week....) Ohh that's way nice of them!! Tell the youth that this church runs on service.  Just think if you were in a bad position, wouldn't you want some help?(The youth are doing serve projects this week)
Working with Elder Susi pushes me out of my comfort zone because we do door to door instead just off the street like I am used to! But all is well! We do that every day except Mondays so we can relax a little longer! Craziest food I have eaten lately.... that would be hard to put in perspective, but at the moment it would have to be Chicken Feet. It was way doughy, I thought I was eating a piece of soaked chicken in a biscuit! I like to drink soy milk! The milk here is so good! The milk I like to drink is banana milk it is so delicious! It tastes like  a creamy popsicle

Don't let the small problems of the world drag you down! In the words of Batman and Alfred Insert your name if you wish! "Bruce why do we fall? To learn how to pick ourselves up!" That is how has been the whole week helping people learn to pick themselves up! I will work as hard as I can this week!!!! 

In his very first email home from Thailand, Aaron mentioned that there were small geckos that screeched loudly- in fact the screech reminded him of the raptors in Jurassic Park.
He finally send a picture of the ferocious beast....

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