Monday, May 5, 2014

600 baptims and couting......

So no one really knows when we will be skyping, but its going to be on Monday for us in Thailand and will be for one hour long ! Yep you get to see this mug for an hour long! Well, I ate pizza on the first..... it was good. (That was his one year anniversary! One more year to go! I asked if he burned a tie.....something some missionaries do on their half-way done day)...  well I like my ties to much to burn them... 55555. (555=hahahah in Thai!)

So, we have not so we decided to make the house feel better by deep cleaning it and making our room into what we call the "war" room (I call it that at least!)......(There are rats in the ceiling and poisonous centipedes in the drains and sinks...We (His companion and he) get along way well! We are just getting along super well... We like to "adventure" and what not. It's hard getting to bed on time now... its fun to talk to a ton of people by a ton I mean 4..... (Quite a change for him....having been in a single companionship for 9 months) LOL The church is about a 10 minute walk from our house. I still don't know how big our area is(He and his companion whitewashed the area...meaning they are both new to the area...usually there is one missionary who stays...but not always...)I think its huge!  We still eat out because its still cheaper. I still only pay dollar for all meals. The mission home is about 1 hour away.  
Well our baptism, in short, was a miracle. We met her on our second day here and the elders before had taught her once. So, we taught her everything in a week AND SHE WAS BAPTIZED!  We taught her about the 10 commands and talked about how we cannot worship idols and what not. She asked if the Buddha necklace she had on was considered and idol. We said yes, the next day she came again so we could teach her and she had gotten rid of it already. It was way sweet! 
We have a new investigator. Her husband is a member and we are going to teach and have her baptized this week. That's the plan! She came to church once so it's a green go! 
The work in the mission is erupting. The mission president wants us to get a baptism a week. It's going to be fantastic! Pray that we can do this because we are going for a temple all the way! 100 percent !We have already had 600+ baptisms this year. We had only planned for 1000 this year... we are now going for 2000 because we can! 

The work here is different because the people are willing to serve and give their all. It's awesome! The wars is bigger and there are  more people to talk to! Yesterday was the "May the baptism be with you" (We celebrate May fourth as ...May the fourth be with you..")

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