Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

We had such a fun time and laughed so so much! He is doing so well. Elder Aaron misses us, but he loves his mission. We talked about the future of the Bangkok Thailand mission. He told us that they are working hard to get a  temple in Thailand. The mission is on "fire". There are still rats and creepy crawlers in their home and so they are looking for a new place to live. The Missionaries have to find their new place and 4 elders will share it. The missionaries that were there before them did not keep records very well, therefore Elder Proctor and Elder Gage are starting at zero. Elder Aaron asked for prayers in their behalf. He was talking about how nice it is to have more people to talk to and the be in a ward that runs "regularly". He talked about going shopping (something he could not do in Kumphawapi). He told us several times...."When we are in Thailand together....". He is excited to show us his home away from home. Brian, his little brother was much more involved in the conversation than last time at Christmas. This was such a wonderful gift! Aaron talked about all the rats and how people in Kumphs used to grill them. I asked him to make sure that we do not eat something like that when we go to Thailand......

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