Monday, May 26, 2014

A man of few words...... May 18, 2014

This week I stopped an abusive man from throwing his wife around.  Elder Gage and I went and called him out and told him he should respect his wife because she is a women. Needless to say that man was cowed and treated her a lot better.  We also saw a spider eat a lizard. 
Well the house hunt is nearing an end. We have found the promised land LOL!
 (The missionaries have been looking for a new place to stay. The current one is not in very good condition and includes poisonous centipedes as well as rats. The one they are looking at right now seems great- they are just waiting for the go-ahead from the mission office). 
We found eight investigators this week!
The Lord always provides a way for it to work. Read the scriptures, pray for help in your nightly and daily prayers. The lord will provide a way!

Meeting wonderful people in Bangkok

Who needs to shower anyway????

Teaching English Class

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