Monday, May 26, 2014

What a week! May 25, 2014

Elder Proctor
To say this was a crazy week would be an understatement. Tuesday, martial law was implemented. Luckily we had members from Elder Proctor's ward that kept us up-to-date on what was happening in their area. The reports we were getting were that, although he is serving in Bangkok, he is serving in a safe area. Thursday, a Coup d'Etat was declared. Friday, the missionaries stayed inside. The rest of the week they had been allowed to meet their investigators and to teach their English class. By Sunday, all restrictions were lifted. The situation continuously changes. We received a reassuring email from the mission office. 

Here is an update from our missionary:

Well all is well it just a little harder to get work done the hardest thing is not being able to invite. You see all these people and you want to talk to them and spread the good word. But we have been banned until today from talking with anyone. We also were told to avoid soldiers, it is kinda a big deal!It as been crazy, we have not been able to really work well because of the curfews but we are going along. I guess we have been getting appointments and what not. We have 72 hour kits to keep us safe so we are good right now no worries!

Well, things in Thailand are going ok. I guess we really will have to wait and see what happens. I have no clue as to what will happen...... so we will continue to press on and wait.

Well not a lot  happened this week. We just taught a lot and sat around, because  we could not really do anything. Friday, we were inside all day. We were doing this workout called "Convict Conditioning". It was super fun! Then we napped and sat around and played card games. We did not have much to do. We called loads of people and asked if we could meet with them. But in the end, we ran out of that option as well. It was a fun week though, doing switch- offs with members because there were to many people to teach yesterday. It was quite fun! 
It was raining yesterday and we were talking about faith and I said,"God wants you to use your faith." Right after I said that "THUNDER"! It was Epic! 

Due to the coup, we have not moved, yet.  I think we will move pretty soon, just got to wait a little bit It is like a safe haven "bubble" where we live. No worries mum,  the scariest thing here is the Khlong(open sewer)  We are down to 3 investigators now. One is getting baptized this weekend. He is 9 years old and his name is ......Don't worry, I am not afraid.  I am on the Lord's side. The side of light and righteousness! It is like the Devil trying to stop us.... but he will fail, as he always has! 

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