Wednesday, August 13, 2014

39% Left July 20

Well shoot....... this week was a crazy hard week! Some of the days it was all push.... We had a way hard time with the people, just being mean.... But oh well that is the life of a missionary some of the days. Some days people hate you and are ridiculous. Other days people are just way nice! We just worked hard and prayed that everything would work out! Well, Sunday rolled around and it was a feeling of somberness  that filled the missionaries, as all of the investigators we had planned on coming did not come. Some days you will face disappointment, even when you work as hard as you physically can.  The thing I have learned through my time being a missionary is that you cannot force someone to change. They have their agency. You cannot force someone to come to church and feel the spirit. You can't force someone to be happy.  You can only provide them with the most ideal environment and let the spirit do the testifying and have the faith that the person you are teaching is really feeling the things you feel! 
Well life always marches on no matter what.  You cannot slow down the march of time. You can only enjoy the ride! I did some calculations this week and I have about 36% left of my mission. I have 39 Sundays left. That is not enough time to teach I  need more time. Weeks go by way to fast now. Time is just sailing on. The transfer is almost over. We are on the fourth week of a six week transfer. Time is the enemy right now. It is just going to fast! 

Well at least you have a temple to go to. Remember that and be grateful. People take the temple for granted. They really shouldn't,  because when you live in an area where there is no temple, people are more hardhearted because the spirit doesn't have a as strong foothold. It will get harder the closer Thailand gets to having a temple, because evil will always try to crush goodness - no matter what we do. The more goodness there is in life  the more wickedness will rise.
Well the zoo was pretty sweet. It was way awesome being able to go and get in for less then 2 dollars!

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