Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jobs of a District Leader- August 17

It's so weird that he has finished(his cousin just finished his mission). That means I am going to "die" soon! (missionary lingo for finishing a mission.It's so odd to see how  time can change someone so much and to see how the gospel makes you  a better person, no matter the circumstances!

Well our week was basically... us fighting the devil with all of our tools and all of our weapons....  :-) but alas we did not get a baptism..... but we can do it! Well this past week we were inviting all day and whenever we had a chance we were teaching.... It's the life of "I"
We are trying to make this area into a stake, so we can get a temple announced this October- that is what we are gong for!
Well as a District Leader, I have to prepare a meeting every Tuesday and I have to interview people for baptism. I also have to call and followup with every companionship. It's awesome!

Well I have started taking videos about my daily life as a missionary.  I saw a video on  from one of my friends who just finished serving here. She helped me remember that I need to have fun! LOL!
Both of my companions are learning English. I feel like a teacher some days.... LOL! I do have a Book of Mormon in Laotian - that I am studying. I can't pray in English... I think in Thai as you can tell by my awful writing.... (Note from his mae(mom)- a lot of editing goes into this blog.....)

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