Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hit by a car......and a miracle...August 31

I recommend reading the Preach my Gospel manual. It will help you in you life. You can learn a lot of principles of the gospel and it will help Brian prepare to be a freaking awesome missionary! TRULY! I wish I had studied it harder before going on a mission. I studied just enough, but it still is teaching me many ways to be a better missionary and person in general!

Well this week was a lot of just inviting people and praying that we would have a wonderful miracle occur this week......which happened! We had an investigator who passed her baptism interview last week and then she disappeared. We were at a loss and then she popped up this week at our English class. And then it rained very hard right as she left, so her phone was destroyed. We had no way of contacting her and then we called her again 2 days later and her phone worked again! We then called her every day to make sure she would come to the church and then this Sunday she was baptized!!!!! WWWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that it was a ver

So you already know, I was hit by a car, but it was going like 2 mph tops... LOLZ . The "Joker "was trying to kill me! It was actually very funny- so we are talking about how our area is kinda like Gotham City... So we are talking about the Joker and as we are walking across a road, this car is moving forward while we are crossing the road and bam..... HITS ME !! I guess it's really hard to see a 6 foot white guy.... LOL...... Don't worry I was not really hurt at all- just surprised! As of now I have been hit by a motorcycle(Well...this was the first I heard of this...it happened during Songkran- in April....) and now a car. All I need next is a bus... LOL! In fact there was a missionary in our mission who was hit by a bus. It destroyed his bike and broke his hand.

I am remembering how much fun Thailand is. I mean you can always find the bad in every situation no matter where you are. You just need to remember there is always good in this world!
Something that strengths my testimony is giving district meetings. It helps me feel the Spirit and come unto the savior more. I also was told yesterday by our Zone Leaders that I helped change this area -I was happy to hear that.

Remember everyone is a child of God!

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