Monday, September 15, 2014

"Run" in with a car....and a broken stomach.....

Well to put you in panic mode already...... I got hit by another car! Don't worry..... I fought it off by kicking the foul beast in the side, making it quiver in fear and shudder in pain. (Translation- the car almost crushed him- so he decided to kick it with full force to keep the driver from doing so-it sounded as if he actually dent the car. The driver got out and started chewing Aaron out and Aaron chewed right back. I think he was scared out of his wits! But he never said if he got hurt....we assume he did not.) The next day Satan struck me down with a very severe case of food poisoning. I had the "broken stomach" (Decided not to edit this because it sounds so funny...I wonder how long it will take him to speak "proper" English. :-) from 5:50 am in the morning until about 2 pm  in the afternoon. That is when I went to the hospital...... yeah it was an awesome week of awesomness! Whaaaaaa! (So we later found out that he went and saw a gastroenterologist who gave him a bunch of pills. Aaron took a couple of them and felt better soon after. )Well all is well that ends well right?

Well yeah this week we had a baptism.  It was a great moment! This guy has been learning about the gospel for a bit. After he gets the priesthood, he will move to Phuket. He can help the church grow there, because he has the faith of ten horses!

 I get tired some of the days but you know what there always is repentance if I mess up I can change and become someone better! Yes, this is the Lord's work some days everything come down on  you like a pile of bricks. You can either retreat and fall back or rise to the challenge and thump Satan in the face and say not today "Zurg!".
Here I am giving an investigator a ride to the Branch President's house. I switched bikes with my comp who was giving him a ride first. (So, I asked how the two bike's were different he told me his was black....huh???? He then later explained that his companion's bike had special flaps and something else that made it easier for the investigator to ride on the back)

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