Monday, September 15, 2014

Riding the Bike in a Miraculous Way

Well as you may notice...... this email is coming at a time earlier then usual. It is because right now O am traveling around on the last  Pday as a district! We are going to go see a waterfall yeah!
So a miracle that happened this week was that whilst I was riding my bike I shifted a gear and all of sudden my bike seized up and would no longer go.  Mind you... I' m on a busy I drift to a corner and just started pushing my bike, just thinking what do I do now?? I  had a thought to get back on my bike and just go. So I did. When we arrived home, my bike started having problems again. I thought nothing of it and went inside to go to sleep because it was night time. The next morning I inspected my bike and saw that the back tire had fallen out of its position. I could have died because my tire was not connected to anything. MIRACLE.....I think so! (Yes, his mom blanched indeed thinking of all the horrible things that could have happened, but thanks to being super blessed nothing did happen)
Anything is possible mum, I could move(it is transfer week) I could stay who knows but the Lord!  I am so "old" in the mission its not even funny. There are so many people that I do not recognize in this mission any more....... it sucks! 
Right now my investigators are an older man. He has a baptism date for this Sunday. He is an awesome guy. The Lord has prepared him to enter the fold. And we have sister  who still needs to get married  She has moved her house so she no longer lives with him! 

I love that I am a super agent of the Lord during one of the most vital points of the Bangkok mission. I feel like I am a general protecting a vital point from evil...(if you wish to understand how I feel watch Lord of the Rings the battle called "The Battle of Helmsdeep") 

God speaks with us always. Today while I was studying the scriptures, I felt that he was speaking to me and letting me know that I had been forgive of my sins. It was quite a great moment!

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