Saturday, February 21, 2015

All about a train ride...... January 11

 I am in an area called Phitsunaloke. I am with Elder Kettavong, an elder I have served around with before. I also have been called to be the first counselor in the branch presidency. It's quite fun! 
To get here I sat on a train for 7 hours by myself and the whole time I was getting hit on by a old guy.  While I was on the train, i got to know this couple from Chang Mai, really well. As we approached the train station, they told me the train wouldn't stop for long. So.... they threw my bags out the window at me. After that i ran to the front of the train and grabbed my bike. Then the train rolled away- it was intense!
The way I found out that I was  moving was that President  Senior called and asked if it would cause problems if I were to leave on Tuesday. (To help clarify what was going on.... Aaron had some member being enamored with him to the point where it was a bit unsafe for him to be there. I was not allowed to mention where he was- he since has been transferred again, however, I will not mention where he is for the moment being- as per request. )I told him that it would not and started packing my bags. President Senior never called back that day,  so I gathered I would  not  move. On Wednesday, Elder Beebe suggested that I should reorganize my bags to even the weight out. We did that and then on Thursday, after eating lunch we got a call from the assistant to the presidents and they  told me I would go to P....and that I needed to get there that day by myself.... CRAZY..... (In general missionaries don't travel by themselves
 I then  got  on the  train and sat there for about an hour just staring out the window and contemplating life  when this old man sat next to me -dressed very smartly and talked to me for a bit. Then I started reading my scriptures after he fell asleep. Eventually I  fell asleep and suddenly I  woke up and it's "darkish" I though.... SUCK.... did I miss my stop..... A couple on the train looked at me and just laughed. They told me not to worry, that my stop would not be  for another 2 hour. I arrived  at 8 30 at nigh and had left Ayutthaya at in the afternoon.
It had rained the past 3 days, I  wrecked one of my shirts then I found out we have no investigators, because the last missionary scared them all away 555(Thai for hahahah) just the life of Elder Proctor .....This past Sunday I spent the whole day translating. I really like translating, it's way fun. I am super pumped to be here even though it had to happen in such a odd way. (Mom's note...I skipped one week- he did not have much to say and was mostly upset about the situation with the member. He had been so happy in Ayutthaya and had finally found some people to teach- but of course, in true Aaron fashion- he tries to see the positive..)


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