Saturday, February 21, 2015

Leading a meeting- intense... January 18

Well this week was pretty intense... we basically invited the whole week. We went and found less active members. We talked to one who has decided it's her time to go home. She can't eat anything and she has always an inexplicable tiredness around her. She says she is going to go home and meet her Heavenly Father soon. Then we went and visited one of our investigators who has to wait till next year to be baptized because she can't get married until this Asian project called ASEAN opens up because her husband does not have a visa. So she cant get married..:( After we taught her and her family we went and gave a blessing to her son who is a Burmese soldier who got shot 7ish years ago. He has 17 bullets in him and has been paralyzed for 6 years.... laying on a bed. We gave him a blessing. In the blessing, he was promised that he would stand up one day in the future and be a tool in the Lord's hands for spreading the gospel. It's going to be awesome!

The cold weather in Utah would "slay" me right now because I am a wimp when it comes to the cold right now! I am slowly adjusting to my new area! Yesterday I had to lead sacrament meeting because the branch president was in Udorn. Talk about intense... I sat all alone on the stand, oh it was so weird! I led everyone through the whole meeting. All 62 people-so intense! After that I had to lead a baptismal service as well, because well I am the 1st counselor and what not... it was way intense! I have so much more respect for bishops and branch presidents, because leading one of those meetings can be quite intimidating, especially when you have never done one before.  You just kinda jump in feet first and pray that you don't fail miserably! WOOOOOO!!!!

 NOW ITS HOT during the days! But freezing in the mornings! The city I am in, is pretty big. It's a place tourist come and visit a lot because its got old things, but for us missionaries its really hard to get to these places with our time limitations. We have to be back in our area by 6 pm.
This week, I felt protected by 3 angels sent from Father in Heaven.

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