Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Miracles December 7

Well this week went by very fast... too fast to be honest. The spirit of Christmas is a fantastic thing! You know it helps me feel so happy, always, no matter the hardships or trials I go through. It's nothing because with the love of Christ you can overcome anything. Well this week was the 12th week with no baptisms and 2nd week with no investigators at church. In all honesty, we have no investigators, but all is well, for the Lord has a grander plan, which I have yet to find out what it is. So we are adapting and letting the Lord change us into the person that he wants us to become!
Awesome miracles of the week,  being able to have one more Christmas in Thailand and oh man i love singing Christmas songs!
A miracle that happened this week, that I find swell and odd.... so we were inviting and I walked up to this lady, who is about to close the door to her store and I asked her if she wants to be cleansed of her sins. She looked at me and laughed and slammed the door in my face. I was like OK...?..reason being was that the spirit has prompted me to go and invite her and I was super confused. As we were walking around the corner, she came sprinting out of the door and started shouting at us that she was interested. We stopped and she told us that she thought that I had asked if she wanted to wash her fish...?... In Thai when you say บาป  incorrectly it sounds like ปลา. (There is your Thai lesson for the day). In all honesty, I have been sick this whole week BWHAHAH....
Another miracle happened while we were sitting at the house getting ready to teach a recent convert. While on the phone, I  had a feeling to get out and go "invite" some more. I told Elder Beebe and we went out and started inviting at about 8:15 at night. When out of no where comes a less active member and starts teaching with us while we are inviting. The less active members then asks us if we want to come to his house and teach his mom and we are... LIKE YES! So we went and taught her. Turns out she was taught by the elders 10 years ago and she remembered the Plan of Salvation as well as prayer, AWESOME! 
We are working on getting a Christmas tree...if not I will just go into the swamp behind the house and cut a tree down form there hahahha.
At zone conference I got a blueprint of the Plan of Happiness, oh so cool! Also another cool moment ...there are now missionary sisters in Laos .WWOOOOOH! The work is hastening, yes we were caroling its so fun!

I got to talk to President Senior. I had been feeling pretty low because, well this area was supposed to grow very fast and its not and I felt like I had failed pretty bad. He told me how grateful he was for me. I was so happy to hear that and I felt like God was telling me that.
We travelled for about 2 hours to get to where we were caroling. Well yeah then we took a train home.
This morning we had a spider the size of a dollar bill on the ceiling. It was crazy fast... I took out a electric fly swatter and took it out yeah.I am going to go and find someone hungry and feed them, visit the sick and clothe the naked.

I love you.

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