Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Merry (freezing) Christmas! December 24

Well  this past week has been so cold in Thailand! I actually wear a scarf to bed and when I wake up, because oh it's so cold!! It is probably about 70ish and it so cold ahhhhh hahahah. (Yes,he needs a reality check! It was about 20 degrees here...) I usually take  a shower in water that is like 50 degrees, so its just freeing cold! Yesterday, we had  a water pump installed. Before I was using a bowl and scooping water out of a tub and splashing myself down everyday for the past 2ish months. I took a shower today, oh so nice, so very nice! 
 Christmas!!! It was super fun to see your faces and hear your voices. I am super glad everyone is  good. I am happy to see you all are growing in the  gospel and just being awesome! 

This past Monday we went out and went tracting and just talked to all these people in their houses and stuff. Then we went and started to build a wat! A bunch of Mormons building a Thai Buddhist temple super funny! The Thai people almost had a heart attack so funny! We then just went and taught our investigator who works for the royal family. It's so cool! She works with tribal leaders that are angry and she goes and fixes things up so cool!!!!!!!! 
I love being a missionary in Thailand, so much fun!!! We have been running in the mornings. I am so healthy .muhahahaha 
Let's see we have been seriously inviting everyone. We just go and go to bring the word of God to them all! They just don't know that they need the gospel. All of the people here are our brothers and sisters.
A couple of nights ago Elder Heiner and I were talking and it made me think. I laid there and rethought my commitments to serving the Lord and how much I need to share this glorious message to everyone. It was low moment. I was getting pretty down on myself for not being able to achieve the miracles I want to achieve. But God works in many ways. He used that moment to remind me how important this message is and how much I need to share it! 
This past week I have started to see how much I need to adapt and change myself to be a better leader for my district and how much I needed to become a better person. We went and did service with a member. We are helping him come back to activity because he can speak English and he can hold positions a as a leader. All is well in Ayuttya. This is the Lord's work. We all have a part in it, little things here and there... we can do to inspire bless and raise! Look for the moments daily!
We had a Christmas activity and 104 people came. It was a miracle!

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