Sunday, February 8, 2015

Never forget the joy this message brings you! November 30

I was in a Christmas program on Saturday. It was a miracle that I could sing. I had lost my voice that very day, yeah I have not had my voice for almost 2 days. It's back now so don't worry! It was a devotional about how we need to remember the importance of Christmas. Ttomorrow we are going caroling, it's gonna be great! I see Elder Black weekly, because I interview his investigators viaskype. It's always fun to see him  and to hear his testimony.

I am sorry that my grammar is rubbish. I don't speak proper English in this country ever... lolz
I do what i am told to do....  I know it because my mother knows it.......

Well thisThanksgiving was like last years....  I  had a fried was tiny.....
well marriage is big thing its quite important

YAY for Family Home Evening...(I told him how we had put up our Christmastree) We are thinking of getting a Christmas tree and what not because... well it's not very "Christmasy" here snow and no spirit of Christmas.
Well let's see..... this week we went and just walked and talked with everyone but no investigators at church, which kinda tanked. We have no investigators at this moment still (we have not had investigators at church in like a month...) but you know what- the Lord has a plan. We cannot comprehend. We just need to press on and help those who have fallen from the gospel and help them grasp the iron rod once more. (Lehi's dream in the Book of Mormon.  Because- well this gospel is the most important thing, next to life! 
We really spent the whole day on foot. We walked to a market that was 10 kilometers away, so we could find those that were ready to hear the gospel.  Sadly, no success. We really have walked so far and talked so much, but the Lord is in the workings.  He knows better then we do- in all things 
I now see everyone as a future temple president or relief society president or a future couple sealed in a temple. 
Every one is on the same path home  We all are walking treading the path of those who are lost.
We seek prayingly and wonder is there anyone there to hear our prayers?
As we feel the despair all around us a thought crosses my mind, is there hope?
As the prophets of ole declare, fear not the Lord is there!
We have a duty, we have a calling, a divine destiny if you wish to bring the great and glorious message to those who are lost and show to them the despair is not real.
We need to show the world there is someone there to hear their prayer. He is waiting with arms wide open.He hears and cries when we cry. He rejoices when we rejoice.
Christ is always there and so is the Father. Never forget the joy this message gives.

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