Sunday, November 30, 2014

Super short and to the point ..... November 23

It was a fun week. There was lots of walking and talking, as missionaries do. It was quite fun! I love walking and talking with those that are Thai. 
Well, super funny moment in church... the opening prayer was the Lord's prayer. It was really funny. As he starts, I am sitting there and as he starts it sounds somewhat similar to what I had read in the scriptures.... and well he said," Lord forgive us as we forgive our debtors"... and then it all clicked and I was taken aback.

You are telling me this year has sailed by. Before I even know it, I will be in a plane.... aghh.
Time flies here! It's super fun!

I love my comp. He is a awesome! It's a very fun time serving with him. I love this work. It's the Lord's work and it is to bring them back to the fold.
Adventures of the week..... well, we had a wild pig the size of a cow appear by the church. The beast was massive! Well lets see what happened that was super exciting hmm...... well I ate blood-filled food... I also found out that I  cannot eat squid. It makes me super sick,,,,,,
This week was a week of going out and hunting down those that are lost already and finding those that are ready.We went and invited as hard as we could. We were striving to achieve a goal of having 100 at church well we fell short 35 people. Ouch!
I have slowly come to the conclusion why I am here in Attuyaha. There are a few families here that I have known since Kumpahwapi. I am here to bring them back. I am also here to help out this white  man and his wife come back.  They are a fantastic family. He was a soldier and told us that God has sparred him to be here to help the work in Thailand. He was blown up once, was shot 5 times through many wars and he was bayoneted. 
I am here in Thailand only for a short time now. I have so little time now its not even funny. I am not looking forward to coming home and facing the real world and all its darkness. I am so close to finishing. Christmas is almost here. This month is almost over. It's scary. I don't want to see the evilness in this world. I have started to realize  that I need to focus more on bringing those back that have strayed from the path. It's not good to leave the fold.If you leave you may never come back, unless you have help from the Lord and help from members.
I love this work. I know it to be true.

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