Friday, November 28, 2014

The one where the memory card with all the pictures of his mission was lost...... October 19

(I am 6 weeks behind when it comes to updating Aaron's blog. I won't lie- October was a tough month for our missionary. He loved training Elder Howard and being a District leader. He really struggled with the fact that they could not find any new investigators.---And then he lost his memory card-it contained all the pictures of his mission. I won't leave you with a cliffhanger.... he never did find his memory card. We are all quite sad about it.)

Well this week was a very hard week, to be honest. It started out with me losing my memory card with all my pics from my mission. So I know it is silly to ask but will you pray that I can find that because it is very important. I need to print out some pics for A. I hope it will bring him back. (As sad as it has been that he has lost his memory card, I was really touched by the fact that his main concern was that he had hoped to print out some pics to help someone remember the good times they had had and to hopefully remind him of the importance of the gospel.)

Well it was a very hard week again. We had what appeared to have zero  success again. We had no one come to appointments again but oh well. We must do it all again this week and bring those that the Lord has prepared back to the fold.
Well, it rained pretty hard this past week. It was enough to cause the road by our house to flood with ankle deep water that was coming from the Khlong (sewer system).  Wohoo walking through that was quite fun! 

 When I think of this week, I feel it was so tiring. I am quite ready for a break !
General Conference... woot ....was super fun, but we still have not watched all of it. We still need to get to watch the Sunday morning session.
So I wrote questions down for conference and wow they were all answered. It was super cool to see! I knew the lord was watching over us and teaching us how to be better missionaries and just better people.
I  want to challenge the whole family to exercises because that is a commandment of God. Just go on a walk together as a family before dinner instead of just watching TV. Give it a shot!
Challenges they are never ending. It seems I always seem to be be challenged daily and I am a little worn out.  But I must press on and fight. J have become battle weary as the man of Antipus in the scriptures. But I know that the Lord is sending us reinforcements whether they be angels or new missionaries or even a seventy coming and lifting our spirits. We are in a great and glorious war that started in Heaven and is still continuing here on this earth. This war.... well we will win it because that's what we do as LDS members we bring the fight to the forfront 
I have met people that look at me and hate me for the name-tag that I wear. I kill them with kindness and then they feel silly for being so angry at me.
I love this work mom. It is the best job ever! It's tough, but we can do it!

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