Friday, November 28, 2014

The Lord's hand is always there... October 27

Well today is Monday the 20th you will receive this the 19th..... we are time traveling. I am "calling" from the future you are from the past isn't it odd???!!!

I saw the preview for that movie on the churches website. It looks so cool!!!! i want to watch it so bad..  it's not even funny!  9 we went and saw the movie "Meet the Mormons" this past week)
Well, well, well... This week was so tough again... just another week in paradise we have been giving it our all and well- it's tough having no investigators!  BRIAN is soo freaking tall. OH sounds way fun. It just sounds like you kids had some way fun time together I am happy! (we went to San Francisco for 5 days in October)

Mum just remember that if you study your scriptures, pray, keep the Word of Wisdom, you will be able to receive blessings out the wazoo! 
Well it was  a very tough week of walking out of Bangkok and back into Bangkok. Yes that is  right. I  walked out of Bangkok into the city called "Genesis".  Nakhon Brathom is its name in Thai! 
Besides that we just were talking to everyone who had a face. They were very hard hearted. Heck, yesterday I almost got my face punched.... wooho! 
So what happened was that I invited this man who had just done crazy eyes to his wife. I invited him to learn more about the gospel. He got way upset and started yelling at me," No no no no!" and then I said in Thai you don't need to have bad manners about it. HE FLIPPED OUT! Staggered to his feet and started to come to me cussing. Then his wife intervened. She looked at me and said in English, "Sir sorry " then "switched to Thai to tell me that they had just been fighting. I looked at her and said that I was sorry and that I will pray for her. She stared crying and said,"God bless you."  Some days I hate being just a mere mortal man. It was a pretty tough week.
I have been enjoying training. It is quite a blast. To be honest, it helps me feel like I'm giving back to the Lord by training a new missionary and helping him be prepared for whatever comes his way. I feel like Elder Susi. I say a name of a missionary and Elder Howard has a blank look in his eyes. All my friends are "dead" (have finished their missions) and the sisters from my MTC district finish in like 2 weeks. It is so crazy! 

The work on our side appears to have hit a brick wall, but our district  itself is getting more and more baptisms. It's awesome! While we may not have success, we can still rejoice in the success of others.
The branch itself is still growing. Step by step... they are all so willing it's awesome.
The Lord's hand is always there. Guiding me and making sure I don't do dumb things a lot. He pushes me just enough to change and become someone better daily. It's awesome! 

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