Sunday, November 30, 2014

Going up the mountian holding on to the iron rod...... November 9

Well my new area is a freaking funtastic. I love it! It's super fun. It is super fun to go and explore it. The members are super willing and they love us. Sorry that this email came so late. I went on   freaking crazy hiking today. It was awesome! We climbed up to the top of a mountain. It was a super cool similitude of life. There was a iron rod in the middle of the path and in the beginning I didn't rely on it. But as the going got harder I would rely on it more and more until i was using it to heave myself up the mountain side as sweat was pouring down my whole body! As we came closer to the top we could see the gate to the wat and oh man it was a very happy time! We relied on the rod even more. As we all know the rod is the word of God (1. Ne 11:25).  In the begining you rely on yourself and as you go along in life you rely more and more on that word and core beliefs that push you on and on...That is my little soap box about the adventure 5555!


 (I am following a Facebook page called Unseen Thailand. I had just shared a picture of a special Buddha- unbeknowst to me- Aaron visited that very Buddha during that time....)
My new comp is just like me.... spunky crazy and super willing to go to work and bring those back into the Kingdom of God.The world is a very small place and it well has some fun things happen in it.
So this past Saturday I was basically swimming in a swamp, pushing lily pads out all day long it was nasty- mind you Iam in a boat yeah! We live in a 100 percent Buddhist place. It's very pretty and there are many wonderful things here. I ride my bike daily and there are 4 of us here. We have Elder Gandun and Elder Heiner, two people I really like a lot! We also have good food everywhere. It is super yummy! 

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