Friday, November 28, 2014

A quick reminder October 27

When your missionary struggles-you struggle. I have always been so impressed with Aaron's positive attitude. There really only has been on email without any positive thoughts in it. Considering the fact that he has been on his mission for 18 months now, that is quite an achievement. The loss of the memory card was rough, October in itself was one of the harder parts of his mission for me. He worked so hard without any success. But then he sent this to us and I have to be honest, I bawled like a baby. To have such faith. What a blessing he is to his family.

"The Lord always is there through thick and thin. I love this gospel. It is the best news the world has to hear. Trials come our way to make us come closer to God to make us like him.
There is a quote I wrote inside my planner. It says "The key to know God is to struggle". I testify of the truthfulness of that quote. I struggle daily and I see how I have come to know God even more. I love these people and I see the flaws in myself that I can improve. I see how this world God created, is to help us become like him. To struggle is the only way to grow and fulfill our potential. Trials are the way to become perfect."

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