Sunday, November 30, 2014

Elder Khanakam's visit- a true inspiration November 16

Hahah yeah I was going to mention it(just the minor detail that he had a camera crew follow him and his companion, Elder Howard around while they were talking to people on the streets of Bangkok.... )but I forgot sorry! It was quite fun. I really liked it to be honest .... I felt famous lolz ....that's why I am in Ayutthaya  to be a secret ninja! Hahah

People serving missions its the best! It makes life so super duper!! AAHHAHAHAHAH I am so glad Spencer is going on a mission. Miracles happen when you believe and have the faith to do it!
It was a way good week- well actually a very tough one- but ended very well. This past Sunday Elder Khanakam, who is a very good friend of mine ,(he is the Thai seventy) came and surprised our branch with a visit. I got to teach with him WOOAH! It was super fun. I had flashbacks to when I was a "greenie" with him in Khonkaen, He has a power around him. He is an awesome man. We spent the whole day talking with him and him teaching us. Oh so much fun, feeling the spirit and YEAHH!!!! 
Sister Khanakam, his wife, had me share what it feels like to see someone change.
We were sitting in a branch counsel when she asked me to do that and I shared it with the members. The spirit was so strong there. It was an amazing experience. I felt the spirit literally burning n me like a fire  oh so cool! Elder Khanakam told the ward council that he wants us to be a ward by December 30.
The miracle of the week..... so 2 weeks ago our cellphone was destroyed by water while an investigator was calling it. We still have no clue how it happened.  Anyhow, the phone did not save her number and last week she did not come to English class. We had no way of contacting her. So on Wednesday Elder Beebe is like,  "Hey lets walk to the church to teach a Recent Convert", and I'm like...OK.. We get to to the church teach the recent convert. We finish teaching her at about 8:50 pm, so we close up the church and walk back. It's about 9:10pm when all of the sudden we hear someone shouting," ELDER ELDER!!!" We turn around and see this investigator pulling up in her car. She then asked if she could give us a ride and we told her no. But we were so excited to see her because we hadn't seen her in like 2 weeks. We got her phone number and sprinted home WOOAH!  MIRACLE! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!

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